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What Is Normal Menstrual Period? [Q&A]

What Is Normal Menstrual Period?

I am a 19 year old college student. I want to know what normal periods are called. What is the definition? Please provide guidance.

Answer : It is very difficult to tell what is a normal period, because every woman’s body is different and her bleeding and symptoms are different from others, so it is not easy to define. 

Taking some things into consideration, you can say that your periods are abnormal, such as periods in a month, sudden excessive bleeding, prolonged bleeding, etc.  If this is happening to you, then contact your gynecologist

She will check you and tell if there is any problem related to the uterus.  She will also treat it right.  The cycle of periods is only 28 days, this is a misnomer.  With increasing age, every woman’s cycle also changes.

What Is Normal Menstrual Period

I am 26 years old married woman. I clean my vagina every day, yet there is a smell.  Is this normal?

Answer : Healthy vagina has a smell, but it is not bad.  If you think this smell is dirty or smelly, then it may be some kind of vaginal infection.  Note that your diet also affects the smell of vagina. 

Apart from this, too much caffeine, alcohol or smoking also affects the smell of vagina.  If you have any difficulty with smell, see your doctor. 

She will guide you well about this and if there is any infection, then treatment will be done easily.


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