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Top 9 Men’s ultimate grooming Mistakes

Top 9 Men’s ultimate grooming Mistakes. In the case of Personal Grooming, men are not as much alert as women. It is not that they do not take care of their grooming, but often make such mistakes, which spoil their impressions.

Let’s see which are the Men’s ultimate grooming Mistakes.

1. Do not apply moisturizer

If you also believe that cleansing, toning and moisturizing is the beauty routine of women, then you are wrong. The skin of men also needs the same amount of hydration and nutrition as women. Moisturizer not only relieves you of dry skin, but also keeps it soft and hydrated.

2. Ignoring the Feet

The thing that men ignore the most is the cleanliness and care of their toes. Wearing socks throughout the day leads to perspiration between the fingers, leading to bad odor and fungal infections, so it is important to apply dusting powder between the toes and change the socks daily.

3. Use of soap on face

Like women, men should not use soap on their face at all. Instead you use shower gel or face wash.

4. keep big nails

Hands or feet, men should not have big nails at all, but many men keep big nails for hobbies. Remember, men’s nails should always be cut and clean.

5. Do not apply too much or at all

If you do not put a dio or apply too much, then people will run away from you in both cases. Spray as needed.

6. Do not cut nose hair

According to both hygiene and grooming, the nose hair should be trimmed, but most men make the mistake of ignoring it.

7. Ignoring Mouth Odor

Top 9 Men's ultimate grooming Mistakes

Men who have digestive problems, their mouth smells bad, so it is most important that you correct your digestion. Always keep mint or clove-cardamom with you.

8. Apply too much hair gel

Hair gel is used for styling hair, but some men use it as hair oil, which is not true at all. This is also not good for your hair health.

9. Do not set beard-mustache

Admittedly, beard-mustache is the pride of men, but it is also your responsibility to take care of them. Always set them with the help of a trimmer. Clean shaving from time to time, so that the look changes.


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