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How To Make Salad Quickly [4 Best Tips To Speed Salad Preparation]

make salad quickly
make salad quickly

Whether you want to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, or lose weight healthily, vegetables can help you. Therefore, you should always add vegetables to your diet. One tasty way to do it is by eating a vegetable salad. However, cutting the vegetables for the salad can take tremendous time. Let’s see how to make salad quickly.

Pre-Cut A Substantial Quantity Of Vegetables

If you do not have time to cut the vegetables each day, you can pre-cut vegetables resistant to long storage when you have the time and store them in the refrigerator. 

What are vegetables resistant to long storage? You can cut kohlrabi, radishes, cabbage, beets, carrots, and fennel, and be sure that they do not lose their crispiness. 

Furthermore, you can season the cut vegetables with olive oil, lemon juice, and a little salt and pepper to improve their taste over time, as the sauce mingles with the vegetables.

You can also take advantage of this seasoning to change the taste of some vegetables. If you do not like the aniseed fennel taste, this seasoning can change its taste to sour. If the radish’s taste is too spicy for you, the seasoning makes the radish lose its spiciness and become a crunchy base for a salad.

Buy Pre-Prepared Vegetable Packs.

If you are lazy , incompetent or do not have time to cut the vegetables, you can find those days in the supermarket pre-prepared vegetable packs. That is vegetables that come washed and cut in different mixtures for salads.

In other words, you can use those mixtures for vegetables to create a refreshing salad without any effort – What’s left for you to do is to add some lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper, and the salad is ready.

Eat small vegetables

Not all vegetables are so big that you need to cut them for the salad.

For example, you can buy cherry tomatoes, small radishes, or small peppers. Then, What’s left for you to do is rinse them and remove their stipes.

Make Salad Quickly With Salad Chopper

The salad chopper is a clever invention for saving a lot of cutting time. Whether salad chopper is mechanical or electric, they then cut every possible vegetable without any effort and save your precious time.

make salad quickly
make salad quickly


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