Fitness Top 15 Health Benefits Of Walking For Seniors

Top 15 Health Benefits Of Walking For Seniors

Health Benefits Of Walking For Seniors
Health Benefits Of Walking For Seniors

When it comes to a fitness regime or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, walking is the first thing that comes to mind. No matter what age group you belong to, physicians always recommend walking to retain your healthy persona.

Likewise, senior citizens are often advised to go for a walk daily for their overall well-being. Even if the caregiving services suggest helping seniors with errands, they will also recommend that they walk specific steps a day to help them maintain healthy living.

Let’s see the benefits of walking for seniors – Here are the top fifteen benefits that will let you know how important it is for seniors to make walking a part of their routine

Health Benefits of Walking for seniors

Strengthening Muscles and Reducing Pain

Constantly sitting in one position or not moving at all can lead to immobility.

However, if an older adult walks daily, it can help strengthen the muscles around the joints, reducing the pressure and preventing joints from aching.

Walking can also help in reducing the pain from arthritis. Walking is the best gentle exercise that doctors often recommend for seniors. 

Maintaining a Healthy Blood Sugar Level

After eating meals, our blood sugar level gets relatively high.

Walking for at least fifteen minutes after every dinner or even once a day can help digest the meal, and the increased blood sugar level is used to strengthen the body muscles instead.

Even if the person is reliant on insulin, walking can work like a charm for better health. 

Better Immunity

As we age, our immunity gets weaker, and we become more prone to day-to-day illnesses.

However, many researchers have suggested that walking can help in keeping our overall health intact and result in better immunity.

Besides, the more positive the mindset we develop with the change in surroundings, the stronger our immunity is. 


The older we get, the more people we need to share our thoughts with.

Having someone to talk to itself is therapy for our mental and physical health. Interacting with different people as you go out for a walk is a mood-lifter.

While walking, one can enjoy the company of fellows who come to the parks regularly like you. 

Better Breathing Process

 As you walk, you breathe faster, thus making the oxygen travel through our bloodstream at a rapid pace.

It helps in removing waste products and improves our overall health, hence making our breathing process better. 

Improving Sleep

Research has shown that women who take morning walks and are aged 50 to 75 can experience relief in their insomnia markedly.

Walking leads to better sleep!

Slowing Mental Decline

Research held at the University of California, San Francisco, has concluded that women aged 65 or older have slower mental decline with age if they take morning walk daily.

Researchers follow 6000 women, and found that 17% memory decline was seen in women who walk 2.5 miles per day while those who walk half a mile in a week had a 25% decline. 

Joints Health

Our joints do not have a direct blood supply and get nutrients from the joint fluid circulating when we walk.

Therefore, walking for few minutes a day can ensure better joint health for seniors. 

Better Heart Health

Heart-related issues are prevalent among people who are getting older.

A brisk walk daily increases the heart rate, reducing the risk of heart issues like high cholesterol, heart attack, or high blood pressure.

It is also found to be beneficial for decreasing the risk of stroke or diabetes. 

Better Mental Health

Any physical activity results in the secretion of a hormone called endorphins which are also known to be a natural mood lifter and help reduce anxiety.

Besides, taking a walk outside is refreshing. The change in environment, seeing plants around, watching people heading to their destination gives a break to keep all the negativity away.

A healthy mindset is what ensures healthy physicality. 

Won’t Cost a Penny:

The younger lot often spend many bucks per month on their gym or hire a personal trainer to maintain a healthy body.

The best part about walking is, it won’t cost you a penny. It is free of cost and can help you keep your healthy self intact. It is the most cost-effective way of maintaining both physical and mental health.

All you need is a good pair of shoes and dedication. You are good to go! 

Reducing or Maintaining Weight

The aging process leads to the accumulation of fat in our bodies. Burning calories through walking are the best-known way of reducing weight or maintaining it.

When exercising can be harmful to physical health during old age, walking is a great way to keep a healthy body. It helps in burning the calories daily, which results in less accumulation of fat. 

Improving Blood Circulation

Engaging in any physical activity, be it walking or exercising, increases blood circulation throughout our body.

The increased circulation helps in keeping the healthy condition of our body intact. 

Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk

Men who walk and are aged 71 to 93 are found to have lesser incidents of dementia and Alzheimer’s through a study done by the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville. 

Walking For Seniors – Healthier and Longer Life

With so many benefits, walking for seniors makes them a lot healthier and contributes to an increased life span. Therefore Make sure the older adults around you are benefitting from walking!


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