Fitness Exercise Or Diet?

Exercise Or Diet? [2 Weight Loss Best Insights]

Exercise Or Diet - Which is better to weight loss?
Exercise Or Diet - Which is better to weight loss?

I am always asked by new trainers who try to lose some extra pounds before summer:

What should I focus on to lose some extra pounds?
Should I focus only on exercising, or should I also follow a diet routine?

It seems they have the wrong impression that exercising alone can help lose weight. They naively think that if you maintain your calories (eat, then exercise and burn calories, or exercise and then eat), you will stay fit and healthy. they do not understand that following a proper diet routine is also crucial to weight loss.

I will never say ever go with either diet or exercise as they are two sides of one coin. If you ever think about weight loss or a toned body, you need to think about both as you can’t simply focus on one and leave the other. I always say that losing weight is not a very tough task, but maintaining it is challenging. You can lose weight and keeping it only if you follow a diet routine and exercise; that is, The combination of both is your key to your success.

To Exercise Is Not Enough For Health

I have met many people in fitness center’s who spend almost half of their day over there either doing workouts on the machines or doing group classes one after another. Above all, they are thrilled that they are burning many calories and lose weight quickly.

The primary aspect that I am looking at is that they are not necessarily healthy – when you burn too many calories in a day, you tend to eat more junk foods. After all, you are in a mindset that you have burnt so many calories to eat anything. But that is wrong. You need to understand that too much of anything is not always good. Your body needs a good amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Just because you exercised the whole day doesn’t give you the right to intake calories from the wrong sources.

Exercise Is Not Enough For Health - Also, Follow Diet For Weight Loss
Exercise Is Not Enough For Health

Maybe you have eaten everything according to your temptation, but what about your body needs. Because next day, you will exercise with the same mindset (burn more, eat more), but by doing this, what you’re doing is depriving your body of all significant needs. Instead of looking young and slim in due course of time, you will look old and weak. Your joints will hurt, and you won’t get the strength to do anything as you will feel sluggish and lazy. What is the use of such a process? And how would you look toned when your muscles are not getting enough proteins? How do you expect your skin to glow when you lack vitamin sources?

Diet Is Crucial To Weight Loss

These may work for a short span, but this is something you can’t do for the whole of your life. If you follow a healthy eating and a proper exercise regime, it will fetch you much better results. You would feel fitter, your strength will increase, and you will feel much younger and stay healthy for life. So it’s better to do something which will help you in the long run.

So forget about the myth that if you can maintain your calories (eat, burn and then eat), you will stay fit and healthy. You may go for a short while, but your body will give you loads of problems with aging, so it is better to follow a proper routine of diet and exercise that gives your body what it needs to stay fit and healthy.

Let us know what you do in the comments section below, and let’s keep healthy 🙂


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