Fitness Eat Good Fat To Easily Burn Fat

Eat Good Fat To Easily Burn Fat [Do Not Give Up On 2 Healthy Fats]

Eat Good Fat To Easily Burn Fat
Eat Good Fat To Easily Burn Fat

Eat good fat To burn Fat. Yes, you read that right! Eat Fat To Burn Fat.

Recently, research has shown that people who are trying to lose weight give up on fat intake, be it good or bad fat, as they consider it the only reason for obesity.

When I Lose Faith On The Good Fat

Have you ever try to lose weight and visited a dietitian? I can say that I have seen dietitians and nutritionists many times over the years. Some of them gave me the same advice – “You should eat lots of soups and salads whenever you are hungry”; “You need to increase your water intake and reduce your fat and oil intake.”; and above all, “You should use an oil’s spray” and “one tablespoon of oil is enough for the entire day.”

I believed them – They had great reviews, I had paid an enormous sum for the consultation. It also makes sense – after all, I want to burn fat, so why should I eat it? I extremely followed their advice and even did more than that. I gave up entirely on fat – including all types of oil, nuts, and almonds.

I found that those pieces of advice were great for losing weight – Every time I was on a diet, I lost weight. The dietitians showed me the great numbers of my weight loss to prove their hard work to me. However, my body didn’t look much toned, and even the dietician’s machine did not show up any loss in my fat percentage. Things worked for a few months, and then within six months, all the weight came back.

I went to other dietitians, and they all gave me the same or similar diet, and the episode of weight loss and weight gain continued. In the meantime, my skin looked saggy, I lost all my confidence, my appetite almost vanished, and I had a severe hormonal disorder.

Finally, I ended up with lots of medication as the doctor believed it to be the only way to fix the hormonal issue. It took some time for them and me to realize what the problem was, and we did a lot of research about it and came to know the facts related to it.

Trust me, the process was straightforward – you should not give up on fat to lose weight and to give up on fat, both good fat and bad fat was an extreme action.

First, You are not a dietitian; You should follow exactly your dietitians’ orders – You should eat what your nutritionist recommended. You should also have the meals at the time he suggested.

Second, You can follow your initiations. You don’t need a dietitian to decide that the diet is bad for your body. It’s you who can quickly determine that the diet is working well. After all, it’s your body. However, before taking extreme actions, share your dietitian with your worries, thoughts, and feelings.

Good Fat Is Healthy

Fat plays a significant role in our body and helps in the functioning of our brain, different glands, and hormones. To keep your body functioning correctly, you need to make your brain function well because it sends a signal to the entire body. Our body works with fats, so how can all fat be bad?

To get the idea of eating food correctly, let’s understand the concept of what is a good fat and what is a bad fat.

The Story Behind 2 Good Fats

The truth is not all fats are bad, like not all people are your enemy. You need to understand which fat is good for you and which is not. You must be thinking that Pizzas or Burgers are not healthy? The answer is a big YES. Pizzas or Burgers can’t be healthy since anything that is processed can never be healthy, or suitable for your diet.

Though cheese is a good source of fat, it has to be eaten alone, not on a unhealthy slice of pizza. Nuts are also a good source of fats. However, Nuts on your donuts aren’t healthy as the donuts are full of sugar.

So how does fat helps us, and how it helps in weight loss? We all know that the body needs glucose to function well, and where does it get its glucose? It gets it from all the carbs you eat. So when you eat more carbs with less fat, your body produces insulin to distribute the glucose intake. But when you do the vice verse like fewer carbs and more fats, your body uses your body’s fat storage to keep your body functioning.

The concept is clear that fat is can be good, therefore you should not give up on fat. But how to know which is good fat and which one is bad fat? Foods that contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are more healthy for your heart.

Monounsaturated Fat – The Good Fat

Monounsaturated fats help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve your blood cholesterol levels. Some sources to this fat are nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, avocados, vegetable oil, peanut butter, etc. Try eating them and including them in your diet to increase your good fat intake.

Polyunsaturated Fat -The Best Fat

Polyunsaturated fats (such as omega-3 and omega-6 are) can help to improve your heart health, and like monounsaturated fats, they can also improve your blood cholesterol levels. However, Your body do not make polyunsaturated fats; hence you need to take them from other sources.

The best sources to get such fats is plant-based oils. You can get Omega-3 fatty acid from food such as walnuts, flax seeds, and some fatty fish, like salmon and trout. You can also get those fats from food rich in omega-6 fatty acids like watermelon seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, vegetable oils, tofu, etc.

plant-based oils - Good source for good fat
plant-based oils – Good source for good fat

Instead of eating those unhealthy fats, always try to get some healthy ones. These healthy fats will help you burn that extra fat and help you feel complete for longer, making your heart strong. Always remember moderation is the key, and being fats, they are high in calories, so consuming an increased number of good fats won’t serve to add a few of them in your mid-meal. Try using vegetable oils that are local to you and are not too much processed.

Do Not Give Up On Fat

Eat good and healthy fats, stay healthy and let’s aim to become lean while eating well and sleeping well.


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