Fitness Achieve Both Fitness And Health

Achieve Both Fitness And Health [2 Best Insights To Lose Weight]

Easily Achieve Both Fitness And Health
Easily Achieve Both Fitness And Health

Fitness should not be an overnight process. Slow and steady weight loss that you maintain for a long time is better and healthier than fast and temporary weight loss.

Whenever my children asks me to say a bedtime story, I mostly tell her about the hare and tortoise story as I want her to understand its moral. We all know what the moral is behind it, now let me say that the moral is also valid for fitness: slow and steady wins the race.

We all want to achieve everything in the shortest time, and that is the only problem; we lose our patience, and that is the failure. Fitness is not an overnight process; that is; Fitness should be a lifetime process.

Do Not Rush To Lose Weight

It would help if you were a tortoise to accomplish your goals. If you do it in a rush, you may get results but that too for a brief span. If you follow specific diets for some time, you may lose weight, maybe muscle or water weight, but you get back into the same place as soon as you get off this diet. Then what is the point of doing such diets which leave you with dark circles, dull skin, and almost no strength to work out?

You tend to lose your hair, and you are left being depressed and tired. So you were trying to be healthy, but after such fad diets, you become much unhealthy. These diets don’t work for a long time. I belong to an upper-middle-class family, and I am just a housewife. At one point in time, when I had not much knowledge about nutrition and food, I even thought of trying specific diets mentioned on the internet.

Change Your Habits To Lose Weight

My husband wholeheartedly supported me, and for few months, I did lose a few pounds, but then one day, I thought, is it something I could follow for my life? Can I afford it in every sense, and what will I tell my daughter about my eating habits? Since my childhood, I never followed any calorie-based diet, so how can I follow it for the rest of my life?

Then I went deeper into nutrition to understand how important food is, and it is not something just to be counted on numbers. We eat food not to fill our stomachs; it is also a way to nurture ourselves internally and externally. When I was a kid, our family use to have dinner together, and I really cannot say how much carbs I use to take as it was my mother who used to put everything on my plate in the right amount, and then she uses to say chew your food before you swallow.

Achieve Both Fitness And Health - Do not spend more hours in the gym if you had something extra today
Achieve Both Fitness And Health – do not spend more hours in the gym if you had something extra today

Few things take us a long way in our life. Fitness is a path that seems too tricky but trusts me, it is straightforward to follow. It’s unnecessary to spend a few more hours in the gym if you had something extra today. No, that is not the right approach. Make sure you work out five days, and it should not be consistent, or else your body gets used to it.

If you can’t make up time for exercising, go for a walk or indulge in your favorite sports. Be wise enough while making goals, don’t panic as you may fail at times. But remember, failure is the ladder of success. Keep motivating yourself and never get disheartened by your failure. So let’s start your fitness journey today; all the best 🙂


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