Beauty 10 Awesome Summer Makeup Tips

10 Awesome Summer Makeup Tips [Every Woman Should Know]

Summer Makeup Tips
Summer Makeup Tips

If you follow 10 Summer Makeup Tips to look beautiful in the summer season, then you can easily increase your beauty. In summer, problems of sun tan, sweating, stickiness etc. spoil the skin’s beauty. Looking beautiful in the summer season is no less than a challenge.

Like every season, the needs of the skin also change in the summer season. In such a situation, by trying 10 summer makeup tips, you can look beautiful even in the summer season.

How to do makeup in summer? Bright makeup should be avoided in summer. Make light makeup in summer, it will make you look fresh and young.

Summer Makeup Tips
Summer Makeup Tips

Apply sunscreen in summer

In summer, to protect the skin from harmful ultra violet rays of strong sunlight, apply SPF sunscreen for 20 minutes before leaving the house.  This will protect your skin from sunburn and also preserve the beauty of the skin.

Apply moisturizer like this in summer

Do apply moisturizer in summer.  Many people do not apply moisturizer in summer, because they think that moisturizer should be applied only in winter, but you do not.  In summer, apply oil free light moisturizer to keep the skin soft.

Put Concealer in summer

Concealer only if necessary in summer.  While applying the concealer, apply the concealer only under the eyes and spots on the face instead of the entire face.

Put foundation in summer

  • Apply light oil free foundation in summer. This makes the skin look beautiful and the face does not look sticky.
  • Use SPF-containing foundation in summer, so that your skin is not damaged by the ultra violet rays of the sun.
  • Avoid applying heavy foundation in summer. Sweating is very hot in summer, so avoid using liquid or cream based foundation. Similarly, do not use sheer or shiny foundation. Try to do the least makeup in this season.

Apply compact in summer

It is not necessary to apply compact in summer, but those who have oily skin should be compact in summer. In summer, buy compact as per your skin needs.

Do makeup in summer

  • Avoid wearing heavy eye makeup in summer. Make up when you need If you want to make eye makeup then do light eye makeup.
  • When doing makeup in summer, choose light and neutral shades for eyeshadow.
  • Going to evening party, select warm chocolate, gray gray or navy blue shades for eye makeup. This makeup in summer will give you a cool look.
  • Instead of black, apply soft mascara in summer. If you want, you can also apply Transparent Mascara.
  • Apply waterproof eyeliner in summer. Apply eyeliner only if needed.

Apply lipstick in summer

  • Avoid heavy lip makeup in summer. Only lip gloss is enough for daily makeup. When applying lipstick in summer, apply creamy lipstick instead of matte.
  • Apply light color lipstick in summer. The lipstick of light shades like pink, peach will give you a young and fresh look.
  • Do not apply dark shade lipstick even for evening party in summer. If you want to apply dark shades, try shades like Bright Pink, Red, Orange, Mow.

Apply blusher in summer

  • It is not good to do heavy makeup in summer, so do not apply blusher if possible. If you want to apply blusher, apply light pink, peach color blusher. Avoid applying oil based blusher in summer.
10 Awesome Summer Makeup Tips

Hair care tips for summer

  • The hair becomes sticky due to sweat in summer, so keep the hair as far as possible in summer.
  • Wash hair every second or third day in summer, it will make you feel fresh.
  • To protect the hair from the hot sun in summer, cover the hair with a scarf while going out of the house.

Skin Care Tips for Summer

  • To get fresh and clean look in summer, wash face with mild face wash two or three times a day.
  • Rub ice on face before makeup. The makeup lasts longer than when ice is rubbed.
  • Keep blotting paper with you in summer, so that you can remove extra oil from the skin whenever needed.


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