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10 Crazy Questions That Come To Mind Before Marriage

Crazy questions that come to mind before marriage. The time from engagement to marriage is very important for both boys and girls. While there are many romantic dreams and desires in the mind regarding future life, some untold fears and ludicrous questions also keep echoing in the heartland. Which are those fantastical or crazy questions, let’s know.

Questions in the mind of girl

Before marriage, every girl has a picture of her future life, where everything is very romantic and perfect, but before marriage, some crazy questions also get confused. Sometimes about his habits, about him. Maybe, these questions have also come in your mind.

1. Will it be able to lift my tantrums ?

  • Girls are usually tantrums, but they do not tantrums with everyone. They know very well who can afford their tantrums and who does not.
  • When it comes to marriage, the question definitely comes in their mind that will this (future husband) be able to raise my tantrums? To find out the answer, she sometimes does strange things, such as calling the boy according to his place of convenience and time, stubbornly buying something, stubbornly eating and drinking, etc.
  • Surely you must also have done such a stubbornness with your fiance before marriage. There is nothing wrong in this. Every girl wants to be sure before marriage whether the boy she has decided to marry is completely correct or not.

2. If gets angry, how will I persuade?

  • Laughter, jokes and sarcasm are common in a marriage relationship, but sometimes laughter or pranks are too heavy, so you have to be ready from now on to persuade them.
  • Some Evergreen songs will help you here. Listen to them sing or whatsapp them. They will not be able to stay angry for this long.
  • If you are a bit romantic, then rose flower or chocolate or a lovely love letter will do your job well.

3. Do I have to share my blanket?

Rinku was very possessive about her blanket since childhood. If someone else uses her, she would create uproar, but when her marriage was finalized, the first crazy question that came to her mind was that of Blanket. However, he broke it. She explained her point so lovingly to the husband that he never tried to come between her and her blanket.

  • Like Rinku, many girls are possessive about their things, but after marriage you do not necessarily have to make adjustments everywhere. So Talk frankly about it.
  • Do not keep any doubt in mind about anything. Whatever crazy questions come to mind, discus with the partner.

4. Have you complained to my mother somewhere?

  • Girls love their reputations the most. Especially after marriage, she wants everyone to appreciate her in-laws.
  • In such a situation, she is most afraid of her complaint to the mother and this is known to all boys, that is why most husbands after marriage threaten to tell mommy
  • Mistakes happen to everyone, they will happen to you as well, so do not make it hot. Just keep your father-in-law cracked. In such a situation, she will become your shield.

5. Should I lose my identity?

  • First of all, remove this thing from your mind that marriage will take away your identity from you, but after marriage, you get many new relationships, names and identities.
  • If nobody calls in-laws from the maiden name of the maiden, do not be sad. Husband has given you some love names and the sister-in-law has given some new nick names, then enjoy them.
10 Crazy Questions That Come To Mind Before Marriage

Questions in the Boys’ minds

Boys are not less afraid of the name of marriage than the fear of girls. Many crooked questions keep coming in their mind also about marriage.

1. Will I also become a slave of wife?

  • Wife’s slave in boys is such that no one wants his identity in this form.
  • It is your responsibility to look after the wishes and wishes of the future wife, but do not ignore others in paying attention to her.
  • In addition to being a good son, you should also become a good son-in-law, but in this affair, do not forget the responsibilities of the son.

2. If angry, she went to her maternal home?

  • This question often comes in his mind, whose in-laws are in the same city. Something went wrong somewhere and she went to her maternal home with a bag, what will I do?
  • The question of leaving will arise when there is a problem. Maintain love and belongingness in the relationship, surely your married life will be happy.
  • Try to know their thoughts and likes and dislikes before marriage.
  • Even if there is a mistake, do not hesitate to say sorry.

3. Don’t you consider me Mamaz Boy?

  • Usually, this question comes in the mind of boys who are completely dependent on their mother for every small and big needs.
  • If you do not want this tag, then become a little independent and start doing some of your work before marriage.
  • After eating, keep the plate in the basin, put clothes in the washing machine, keep your cupboard in order, the thing that should be picked up from where it is placed, should be in all boys.

4. Don’t take possession of my things?

  • Husband and wife are partners, that is, the wife has full rights over all your things. Get ready mentally for this before marriage.
  • Learn to share except in the spirit of monopoly.
  • Now if you are thinking that even after marriage, your room will remain like a bachelor, then it will be too much.
  • If you talk to your wife about the decoration and decoration of the room before marriage, then she will feel good.

5. Need to see your friends or not?

  • Boys know well about their friends, not only their strengths but also their shortcomings, they know very well, that is why when the wife of the future wife has to meet with friends, they get into thinking, mix or not.
  • Shake with friends and they open a pole in the process of boasting, then you may have to listen to life-long taunts.
  • You should not hesitate to mix the entire team with the wife. If some friends are married, then surely you will take full care of your reputations and will also praise you fiercely.


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